Molly En Route

Molly En Route

Serendipitous Adventures


From Las Vegas to Norway

  This is it, my biggest adventure yet! I will be traveling to Norway in April to work with a community that is, self-sufficient, lives on an organic farm, does bee keeping, and they are building a big sail boat. What more could anyone want?! I’ll be away from the … Continue En Route →


Ride into the Sunset

I feel like I’ve been a little obsessed with taking pictures of our desert sunsets lately so I thought I’d share them with you. It’s always good to take a break and look outside and remember there are bigger things out there, miraculous things, beautiful things. Remember to breathe and … Continue En Route →



Adventures in the Concrete Jungle

There are times I forget that there are urban places to explore that are close by and that I don’t always need to travel hundreds of miles to be inspired by something new. It’s usually when family comes to visit that I am reminded of this. My cousin Todd recently … Continue En Route →



You Call This Coffee?

DISCLAIMER ** I am not a coffee expert by any means, and I may have been in a bit of a grumpy mood, but I do have working taste buds on my tongue and I have heard from others that they have had the same experience as I did. So … Continue En Route →



Romanticizing the Farm

The other day I finally found enough time to drive across town and visit two farms we have here in Las Vegas, Cowboy Trail Farm and Gilcrease Orchard. Cowboy Trail is much smaller about an acre and a half, while Gilcrease is a whopping 60 acres. Over the last year … Continue En Route →